God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.
John 4:24
God is Spirit. He is not a mere man, subject to all the errors and limitations of humanity. Neither is He confined to any one place at any time. He is an invisible Person who is present in all places at one and the same time, who is all-knowing, and who is all-powerful. He is perfect in all His ways. Therefore, those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. There must be no sham or hypocrisy. There must be no pretense to being religious, when inwardly one’s life is corrupt. There must be no idea that in going through a series of rituals, God is thereby pleased. Even if God instituted those rituals Himself, He still insists that man approach Him with a broken and a contrite heart.

God not a physical being limited to one place. He is present everywhere, and he can be worshiped anywhere, at any time. It is not where we worship that counts, but how we worship. Is your worship genuine and true? Do you have the Holy Spirit’s help? How does the Holy Spirit help us worship? The Holy Spirit prays for us, teaches us the words of Christ, and tells us we are loved.

Jesus announced that a new time had come, a time in which true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. True worshipers are to be recognized by the way they worship. After making the place of worship and order of worship secondary to our spiritual relationship with God, Jesus defined real worship. According to him, worship would take on two new aspects: It would be in spirit and in truth.

Using the terms of Jesus’ conversation, worship involves the person’s awareness of that personal “spring of living water” that God has planted in him or her. God indwells believers—that is where true worship takes place. Our body can be anywhere, yet worship occurs as our attention and praise are turned toward God. We need to consciously focus on God when we are in a house of worship because we easily assume that our presence in church is all that we need to worship. We can usually remember how long the worship service lasted, but can we remember exactly when we actually worshiped the Lord? The need to worship God is recognized by God’s character and nature as well as our common need for Him. We worship in truth because we worship what is true. God is Spirit. God is not a physical being limited to place and time as we are. He is present everywhere, and He can be worshiped anywhere, anytime. Lord, help us to worship Thee with all our souls, strength, hearts, and might. Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah God. Amen.

Daniel Ooi

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