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Word from the Lord and a word of worship

Here is the word of worship:
You are holy, so holy!
You are worthy of all my praise and affection!
All my attention and adoration!
See how handsome and beautiful He is!
See how love is in every fiber of His being!
See how He adores you!
Look at Him and be amazed!
Gaze upon Him and be in awe!
See how strong He is and how mighty to save any who would have Him.
He is perfect in every way, without a single spot or blemish.
There is no one like Him in heaven or earth!
No angel or human is even close!
His glory was shining before any of us existed, before time itself!
His radiance is unparalleled.
Let us marvel at Him and never cease to be amazed!
He is the essence of all we crave, and the embodiment of our deepest hearts desires.
Don’t stop singing His praise!
Don’t stop honoring His name!
Don’t stop hoping in His promises, for He does all He says He will do.


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