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End Times

What’s Ahead in These End Times & How to Prepare

What’s Ahead in These End Times & How to Prepare

James Durham was shown that our technology and electricity will be wiped out. No TV, cell phones. Just the shocking goodness of God and the Kingdom.

“They’re not ready,” Jesus said.

Kingdom age? These days, who has time to blink much less think about how to be practical for the future?

But after a recent trip to Heaven, seer James Durham says get ready. James saw into the time Jesus comes and after, a season of thriving AND change. The walls of technology had come tumbling down, pre-1900s or before.

Shocking or not, his new book, Alert! Perilous Times Ahead, helps you think beyond a well-stocked pantry and instead be spiritually and mentally ready. What’s most important? Among practical transition keys, remember to:

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