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What is BAPTISM and why is it IMPORTANT?

What is BAPTISM and why is it IMPORTANT?

What is baptism and why is it important? Should you be baptized as a Christian? What is baptism with the Holy Spirit? What is baptism with water? What is baptism by fire? How does baptism relate to our salvation and faith? We get many of these questions on a regular basis, so it is time to talk about the basic truth of baptism that so many people do not even know about. In this video, we take a look at what the bible says about baptism. Jesus commands us to make disciples of all nations and to baptize them. So we as believers should be baptized, but we should also know what it really means when we are baptized. What does it mean when we go under the water and come up again? Watch the full video to make sure you understand what scripture teaches us about baptism. My goal is not to argue with certain viewpoints, because our real fight is not with each other, but with the dark forces. The devil is good at distracting believers to fight each other instead of spreading the gospel to save lives…Let us not give any place to the devil and let us use our time fully for God’s will.

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