Satellite images from Thursday and Friday revealed the full extent of the wildfires ripping through southern Turkey. Photos from near Antalya show villages and towns threatened by approaching fires as well as huge plumes of smoke filling the sky. At least four people have died in the fires that have broken out across the Turkish coast. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate the area, which is popular among tourists. According to satellite analysis by the EU’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service the fires are also by far the hottest on record, with a heat intensity four times that of previous maximums.

SOT, Mustafa Ceylan, Manavgat Deputy Mayor (Turkish): “Unfortunately, Manavgat is going through a very dramatic test. Fire broke out in almost all our villages.” SOT, Mustafa Ceylan, Manavgat Deputy Mayor (Turkish): “Unfortunately, we had a hard time controlling it because the weather was bad and it was windy. Suddenly, fires broke out in different centres. We took special care to intervene in these fires.” SOT, Mustafa Ceylan, Manavgat Deputy Mayor (Turkish): “Unfortunately, lives were lost, if you think about the loss of animals. As Manavgat Municipality, we are in favour of covering all these losses together with our Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality.” SOT, Mustafa Ceylan, Manavgat Deputy Mayor (Turkish): “This place you see is completely voluntary. Apart from us, the crisis desk organises this type of aid. But people also bring things here as a habit since we collect such donations here in event of earthquakes or other things.” SOT, Mustafa Ceylan, Manavgat Deputy Mayor (Turkish): “So many municipalities and non-governmental organisations called to see what we can do. We’re busy putting out aid for now. Let’s identify our wounds after we put out the fire. We said we would let you know our needs. Currently, the food, water, Aryan and dry food brought by our people are collected here and delivered to those in need immediately.”

Turkey: Satellite images show extent of wildfires ravaging southern Turkey