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Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? Prudent, and he shall know them? For the ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein. Hosea 14:9
To those receiving the Lord’s message through Hosea, this meant the difference between life and death. For you, the reader of the book of Hosea, the choice is similar: You can either listen to the book’s message and follow God’s ways or refuse to walk along the Lord’s path. But people who insist on following their own direction without God’s guidance are in “total darkness” and “have no idea what they are stumbling over.” If you are lost, you can find the way by turning from your sin and following God.
The ways of God’s providence towards us are right; all is well done. Christ is a Foundation Stone to some, to others a Stone of stumbling, and a Rock of offense. That which was ordained to life, becomes, through their abuse of it, death to them. The same sun softens the wax and hardens clay. But those transgressors certainly have the most dangerous, fatal falls, who fall in the ways of God. Let sinners in Zion fear this. May we learn to walk in the right ways of God, as His righteous servants, and may none of us be disobedient and unbelieving, and stumble at the word.
God’s concern for justice that requires faithfulness and for love that offers forgiveness can be seen in His dealings with Hosea. We can err by forgetting God’s love, feeling that our sins are hopeless; but we can also err by forgetting His wrath against our sins, thinking He will continue to accept us no matter how we act. Forgiveness is a key word: When God forgives us, He judges the sin but shows mercy to the sinner. We should never be afraid to come to God for a clean slate and a renewed life.
I believe that there are going to be more people saved than there will be lost. We look around at the world today, and all we see is the little flock the Lord Jesus talked about—that is, the church, the people whom He is calling out of this world. But there are many whom He has saved in the past. For example, at one time He saved the entire population of Nineveh, although a hundred years later they reverted to sin, and He judged them.
There have been other great revival movements in the past also, but the greatest turning to God is to take place in the future. That will occur, of all times, during the Great Tribulation period. The Millennium is also going to be a period of salvation, by the way. God is going to win, my friend. Love will triumph. Our God today is riding victoriously in His own chariot—He is the sovereign God. God pity the man who gets under those chariot wheels! I don’t know about you, but I want to go along with God—I’m hitchhiking a ride with Him today. That is the reason it is so urgent that we know His Word—to find out how to stay in His will on this difficult day in which we are living.
Lord Jesus, we thank you once again for Your goodness towards sinner like me. Please grant me the grace to follow Thee, and walk in Thy way to the end in this perverted world. Without Thee Lord, I can do nothing. Amen.

Daniel Ooi

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