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The Queen faces second heartache on day of Prince Philip’s funeral

the queen has suffered further heartbreak after close friends sir michael oswald passed away on the same day that the monarch was attending the funeral of her husband

prince philip her majesty’s trusted horse racing advisor passed away from a long illness on saturday 17th of april the times reports
sir michael looked after the queen and the queen mother’s racing interests for almost 30 years he was regularly pictured next to royals at racing events over the years while it is not yet known how sir michael passed away the senior editor of the racing post shared the sad news on twitter on sunday with the post sir michael oswald was clearly a very lovely man he died yesterday and is remembered here with great fondness and some super stories sir michael was born in walton on thames surrey in 1934 and attended eaton and later king’s college cambridge the racing enthusiast was then recruited as manager of the royal studs he worked for the queen mother from 1970 until 2002 before becoming her majesty’s racing advisor after her passing paying tribute to her husband oswald’s wife lady angela who was the queen mother’s lady in waiting for many years told the racing post he always said he had the most wonderful job anyone could ever have had and that for all his working life he was simply doing what he would have done had he been a rich man who didn’t have to work the queen’s current racing advisor john warren said sir michael did a magnificent job in managing the royal studs he was extraordinary enthusiastic and got such a buzz out of all the royal winners he said sir michael was appointed knight grand cross of the royal victorian order in last year’s new year’s honors list the expert fondly remembered his time working with the queen

and once gave an insight into her dry sense of humor sir michael had called aid barry mitford to let him know a horse the queen owned called harvest song was running and it would be shown on tv in case the monarch wanted to watch he said barry got rather excited at this asking will it win and should he have a flutter
i told him under no circumstances should he waste any money on that that i had more chance of winning the 100 meters at the olympics incredibly the 50 to 1 outsider won the race by five and a half lengths when sir michael later rang the queen to ask if she’d watch the race
she replied oh yes and may i say that barry is standing next to me if

i was you i would find some dark glasses and a good disguise next time to come anywhere near this place sir michael’s passing came as another blow to the queen who was already mourning the loss of her

husband of more than seven decades the duke of edinburgh was laid to rest on saturday in an emotional funeral in windsor with just 30 mourners in attendance the grieving queen sat alone as she said a final farewell to her beloved husband on her saddest and most difficult day according to mail online on sunday the 94 year old monarch had driven herself to frogmore gardens her beloved spot in windsor for some quiet contemplation sources say visiting frogmore regularly will help the queen deal with her grief after prince philip’s death the gardens are one of her favorite parts of the estate to walk her new puppies dorgie fergus and corgi mark you

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