The Devil Is After Your Calling! God Is Warning You!

God Gave You That Assignment: There’s really one important thing I need you to realize from this, it’s the fact that when God sends you on an assignment, he always backs you up and sees you through. He always backs you up. He is the one who never leaves the one behind. If he gives you an assignment, he automatically gives you the grace and strength needed to carry that assignment through to the end. The lyrics of a song by Victoria Orenze says “You’ll never leave me, you said you won’t forsake me, you are beside me and that is all that matters’. Do you believe it? Do you believe that that is really all that matters? For example, imagine you were driving on a sunny afternoon and all of a sudden, a short man with stunted growth who is wearing a soldiers uniform waves at you and tells you to stop. The honest truth is, no matter how gigantic you might be physically, no matter how well respected you are in your profession, you’ll stop. Are you stopping because you don’t want to be rude to the man? Not necessarily. You’re stopping in respect to the uniform the man is wearing. This means that despite that this man is short and maybe even has stunted growth, he is backed up by an authority that is greater than you which you must obey, The Government! At that point, every other thing is immaterial. He knows he was sent by someone and that person is a strong authority. The same way it should be for you dear believer. God has got your back. It’s not the time to give up because of distractions, you hold your ground and Fight. You are not fighting a defeated battle, it’s a worthy cause, so stand and fight!