Terrifying footage shows moment 300ft sandstorm engulfs Chinese city in apocalyptic scenes

An apocalyptic style 300ft sandstorm engulfed an entire Chinese city.

The sandstorm has turned the sky yellow and reduced the visibility to less than five metres in Dunhuang City.

Shocking video footage shows how quickly the sand engulfed the city in Gansu Province, on the edge of the Gobi Desert.

Police were forced to shut roads while hundreds of drivers abandoned their vehicles to find safer cover from the sand.

Thousands shared the clip on social media – with many comparing it to scenes in an apocalyptic movie.

One resident told local media Jimu News: “I couldn’t see the sun.

“At first, I was enveloped in the sandstorm’s yellow dust, then it turned red and finally black.”

It comes as China has been hit with other extreme weather events – including severe rainfall and flooding.

Rain continued to pound down in the province Henan on Tuesday, bursting the banks of major rivers, flooding the streets of several cities and trapping subway passengers in deep floodwaters.

Henan, which is double the size of Austria, has been hit by storms since the weekend in an unusually active rainy season.

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