Taali Taali Frist Volume 01 Eternal Life Ministries Of Pakistan

Managing Director
Pastor Shouket Fazal
Beenish Shouket Fazal 
Music Directors 
Amir Timmy & Kamran Afzal
Director & Photogarphy
Accad Mickie Emmanuel

01-Nit Dil Wich Rehndi
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02-Taali Taali
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03-Kalvari Dy Sahary
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04-Muk Gai Muk Gai
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05-Na Sona Mangun
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06-Ajj Yasu Da Kar Ly Nazara
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07-Barkat Dy Yasu Barkat
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08-Jad Yasu Kry Reha
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10-Aa Yasu Jee Aa Dulhen Ko Leny
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