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Step aside, Dad! Princesses Leonor & Sofía take centre stage on Spanish royal family Christmas card

A difficult year is about to pass and the holidays are very close to us. Like many royal families in various locations in Europe, The Spanish Royal family is also preparing to celebrate them in the best possible way. Unlike years past, this year’s Christmas will be very special. Many families have suffered, and among them even royal families have struggled with the global pandemic. For this reason, King Felipe, 52, and Queen Letizia, 48, decided to wish their best wishes with a meaningful and unconventional image. Their Majesties have decided to show their daughters Princess Leonor, 15, heir to the Throne, and Princess Infanta Sofia, 13, in the Christmas card. This is the first time in five years, King Felipe and his wife Queen Letizia of Spain have opted not to appear alongside their daughters in the Christmas card photo.

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