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When people ask whetheror not we should celebrate Christmas, a lot of times,what is behind the question, is the history, that indeed, that began as a midwinter festival, Saturnalia, and the early Church,sort of co-opted that. We don’t believe that Jesuswas born on December the 25th. No reputable scholars of which I’m aware would argue that, that’s when he was born, but, you know, somethingis not wrong merely because it had bad origins. The days of our week, I mean,if we really believed that, you couldn’t drive a Saturn, and you wouldn’t call Thursday, Thursday, because those are thenames of Pagan deities. We know that, that’s how it began. We know that’s what it meant, but it’s not what it means to us. It’s not the way that we use it. So when we celebrate Christmas, we’re not embracing everything it ever was or its origins, but thecelebration of Christmas is an opportunity for the Gospel, because our culture observes Christmas. This has been embeddedin Western Civilization, and so while we don’t celebrateit as though the Scripture mandated it, we do useit as an opportunity to talk about that Christmasis about more than just a baby. And Jesus was not merely a baby in a manger. He was the God incarnate,that he came to earth and that he was born of a virgin, that he lived a sinlesslife in order to die for the sins of his people. That Christmas is aboutthe promised fulfillment of the coming Messiah. And so that’s what we celebrate. We celebrate everyday that Jesus has come, but because our culturegives us an opportunity to talk about these things, weshould take advantage of it. You may not want to have certain of the decorations of Christmas. There might be certain aspectsof the commercialization of Christmas that you don’t like, but take advantage ofwhat the culture does because you can use itas a gospel opportunity to witness and to tell peoplewhat the real meaning is, that God has come in theflesh to save His people from their sins, and thatis a glorious message. (music) – [Announcer] Thanks forwatching Honest Answers. You can submit yourquestions by email, Twitter, or in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe, to find out the answer tonext Wednesday’s question.

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