Scary Hurricane Grace: Winds of 130 mph (200 km/h), Floods and Destruction in Mexico

Hurricane Grace, a category 3 hurricane, made landfall south of Tuxpan on the eastern coast of Mexico early Saturday. Hurricane Grace made landfall in the Gulf Coast of Mexico with maximum sustained winds of at least 200 km/h (130 mph) Strong winds will continue to batter the region through the morning hours.

After plowing through the Yucatan Peninsula, Grace weakened to a tropical storm before regaining hurricane strength and hitting Veracruz. Heavy rainfall, with isolated amounts over a foot, will bring the risk of flash flooding and mudslides through the weekend. Heavy rain of 8-12 inches (200-300 mm) can lead to widespread flooding along Grace’s track. An rainfall of 20 inches (500 mm) can cause mudslides in the mountains just inland.