Rapture This Year Dreams Visions MUST WATCH!!!!

Rapture This Year Dreams Visions MUST WATCH!!!!

God willing The Rapture is this year, as always there is a possibility it may not be. When watching this video there is too many Believers that have received dreams and visions saying that it is. Nevertheless, whenever it is. We must prepare our hearts to see our Lord. October 10th there are multiple confirmations that something is going to happen, and a young lady even saw a volcano. I am not saying the 10th will be the rapture, I am simply sharing the visions and dreams I have had from the Lord and other brothers and sisters have had. The confirmations are overwhelming. However LET GOD BE TRUE and EVERY man be a Liar. We will all soon find out if we have been truly hearing from God regarding this year being the year. My advice, do not chance it. Christ is Holy, we must also be Holy. God bless you and may the blood of Jesus Cover and cleanse us all and the Holy Spirit Fill us and guide us unto all truth and protect us from ALL LIES! GOD BLESS YOU!

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