Rapture dream, Tsunami dreams and Nuclear fallout dreams from subscribers. Jesus is coming soon.

Hey family in this video I share 5 Dreams total. 4 Dreams that viewers and subscribers of this channel had, and 1 Dream I had as a child. The Lord still speaks to people via Dreams and Visions. We were told in the Bible that in these times God will pour his spirit out on all flesh.

Make sure you always use discernment and make sure Dreams and visions line up with God’s word the Holy Bible.

If you want to share your dreams and visions for use in a future video or need to leave a prayer request for the Watchman Prayer Team do so via email.

The Gospel = 1st Corinthians 15: 1-4

Jesus did it all on the cross. He did it by spilling His blood and gave His life to pay our sin debt. Because of that we can receive free the gift of Salvation by faith thru grace.