Proof That Giants Once Existed?
Cultures all over the world have legends of gigantic, humanoid creatures. Stories about them can even
be found in the bible, but is there any truth to the stories? Well, some evidence has been found, leading
some to believe that they did exist. Let’s look at some proof shall we?
From missing giant skeletons to the most provocative evidence of giants yet, here are some proofs of
the existence of giants.

The Death Valley Giants
Most of the evidence that point to giants existing in the past comes in the form of skeletons. However,
these skeletons have a habit of mysteriously disappearing, as you’ll soon see.
In 1931, a physician by the name of F. Bruce Russell, ran across some caves and tunnels in Death Valley.
He decided to explore them with a certain Daniel S. Bovey. What they thought initially to be a small cave
system turned out to go on for 180 square miles. One of the first things they discovered was some kind
expansive hall which looked like it was used for religious ritual, mainly because the wall was covered
with strange hieroglyphics. But even stranger was the discovery of 9ft tall humanoid skeletons.
The story was first officially reported in a San Diego newspaper in 1947. The remains were mummified,
and were estimated to be around 80,000 years old. However, the story quickly faded away, along with
the giant’s remains.
This wasn’t the first time gigantic skeletons were discovered in the US though. If the next story is to be
believed, then Native Americans have known their existence for hundreds of years, and were even at
war with them.

The Giants of Lovelock Cave
From 2,600 BC to the mid-1800s, Lovelock Cave in Nevada was supposedly called home by a race of red-
haired, cannibal giants. Unlike other rumored races of giants, which disappeared without a trace,
researchers believe that this group of giants went extinct.
Being cannibals, they were hated by the Paiute Indians who lived in the same area; and who didn’t like
being on the giant’s menu. According to legend, there was a very long war between the Paiute and the
giants, with the giants being forced to retreat again and again, until the cave became the only safe place
for them. But even from the cave, they continued to actively hunt and eat the Paiute; until the Paiute
said enough was enough and lit a huge bonfire at the mouth of the cave, killing all the giants inside.
Although the Paiute already knew of these giants’ existence for thousands of years, Lovelock cave was
only officially discovered in 1911. But even before that, in 1904 in fact, the remains of an 11 foot tall
giant were discovered nearby.
In 1911, James Hart and David Pugh got the rights to dig and sell the guano, used to make gunpowder in
those days, from Lovelock cave. They had gone only a few feet into the cave when they found the body
of a man 6ft 6” tall. His body was mummified, and his hair distinctly red. They discovered many other

normal-sized mummies, but a few were 8–10 feet tall. There were also many giant-sized handprints
embedded in the cave walls.
Proof that the giants had some sort of civilization was also unearthed. The cave was excavated from
1912–1924, and 40 storage pits were found, containing thousands of wooden duck decoys; fishing gear;
bark sandals which measured up to 15 inches long; huge moccasins; shell beads; even a wooden
grasshopper. In total, 20,000 artifacts were discovered. The thick layers of bat guano in the cave allowed
the relics to be dated back to 2,600 BC.

Giant Footprints
Mpumalanga in South Africa is a little known tourist trap that offers a range of gorgeous things to see
and do, as well as plenty of overnight accommodation. It’s also home to a mystery that has lasted for
thousands of years.
You see, there are people who believe that the place was home to an extinct race of giants, and they are
pointing to a prehistoric giant footprint embedded in the granite as definitive proof.*CRb…
It was found 100 years ago by a hunter, and locals named it “the footprint of God.” The print is 1.2
meters long, and if rest of the body was sized in proportion to the foot, the giant that made it would
stand between 24–27 feet tall.

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