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Proof Angels Know EXACT YEAR (2028) of Christ’s Second Coming

Proof Angels Know EXACT YEAR (2028) of Christ’s Second Coming

We all know God’s Word says Jesus and the Angels do NOT know the exact day or hour of Christ’s return, but what about the year? Do you think it’s possible that the angles know year of Christ’s return? Take a look!
The phrase “no man knows the day or hour” is Jewish idiom referring to the Feast of Trumpets, God’s 7 yearly Holidays (Feasts) prophesied the VERY DAY the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would fulfill his biggest tasks …
1 – Passover – VERY DAY Christ died
2 – Unleavened Bread – VERY DAYS Christ buried
3 – First Fruits – VERY DAY Christ resurrected
4 – Weeks – VERY DAY Christ sent Holy Ghos
5 – Trumpets – VERY DAY Christ will return
6 – Atonement – VERY DAY Christ will forgive
7 – Tabernacles – VERY DAY Christ will live with us
Number 5 – Feast of Trumpets – was known to the Jews as the feast “no man knows the day or hour” because it was the only Holiday of the 7 to occur on the first day of the month. And since the Jew’s months were lunar based, the Feast of Trumpets could not be determined until two witnesses confirmed sighting of the new moon sliver, which could happen at any hour of any day during the 3 days of darkness during the new moon. Thus, the Feast of Trumpets became known with the Jewish idiom … the Feast “no man knows the day or hour” THIS is the TIME PERIOD when Jesus will return during the calendar year AD 2028 !!!

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