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Prince Charles made touching comment about Catherine when he welcomed her into the royal family

a decade ago this week a blushing and beautiful kate middleton serenely walked down the aisle of noisy westminster abbey to marry her waiting prince if anyone did not think it was a world famous wedding it was at least watched by tens of millions of people in the uk and almost 2 billion globally and up to now the media are constantly unearthing countless

interesting details around the event including prince charles’s very touching comment about his new daughter-in-law when he welcomed her into the royal family during the queen’s afternoon champagne reception at buckingham palace the groom’s father gave a toast to the newlyweds where he said of kate we are lucky to have her father of two sons charles who once yearned for a daughter in his marriage to diana revealed in biography diana her true story in her own words then described kate as the daughter he never had and wished the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness together william and kate tied the knot at

westminster abbey on the 29th of april 2011 and in front of 1 900 guests including celebrities and fellow royals prince harry acted as best man while kate’s younger sister pippa middleton was made of honor the queen hosted a lunchtime reception at buckingham palace where the bride and groom greeted guests and also cut their eight tiered fruitcake they also made fans day when they stepped out onto the iconic balcony of buckingham palace and shared not one but two kisses prompting the thousands of well-wishers along the mail to cheer and applaud it was then time for a quick outfit change and for prince charles to host dinner and drinks again at the palace for william and kate’s 300 closest friends prince harry is said to have

delivered a light-hearted best man speech keeping up tradition by poking fun at the groom and also paying tribute to his new sister-in-law william and his father also said a few words and kept up the banter with some gentle mocking of their own charles made a reference to his eldest son’s bald spot and said he hoped william would look after him in old age joking that he would push his wheelchair off a cliff william responded with a quip about his father’s waistline in his speech the groom also described being in love with kate and the importance he placed on family another noteworthy detail is that william is said to have made a sweet promise to kate before their royal wedding in the amazon prime documentary kate middleton working class to windsor royal correspondent and biographer kate nicholl

explained the agreement that william and kate made to guarantee she would still have plenty of time with a middleton family after their wedding once you married into the royal family you become a windsor and that was that well it was different when kate and william got married nicole explained according to the sun when william asked kate

to marry him he made it very clear that she wouldn’t have to leave her family behind her once she married into his he promised that they’d always stay a part of the family and they have done whether it’s joining the queen at ascot or being on an important barge within the queen’s fleet at the diamond jubilee celebrations they’ve been there ten years on and the duke and duchess are now the proud parents of prince george seven princess charlotte who turns six next month and prince louis who has just turned three you

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