prayer first thing in the morning

dear heavenly father We Gather before
you our hearts heavy yet filled with
unwavering faith in your boundless might
just as your word in Matthew chapter 7
verse 7 encourages us we ask seek and
knock at Your Divine door knowing that
you alone hold the power to Grant the
special Miracle we seek Mark chapter 9
verse 23 reminds us that all things are
possible for those who believe and we
firmly believe in your love and
omnipotence grant us the strength and
courage to hold on to our Faith and Hope
even in the face of what seems
reflecting on the Miracles you’ve
performed throughout history we are
grateful for your unchanging love just
as you healed blind Bartimaeus and
raised Lazarus from the dead we implore
you to extend your mercy and healing to
US Open our eyes to see your goodness in
times of adversity just as you’ve shown
us through countless miracles in our own
lives continue to work your wonders
giving us the insight to recognize your
hand at work and the hearts to offer our
gratitude we bring forth our personal
request for a special miracle today Lord
grant us the strength wisdom and
guidance to face any challenges that
come our way
keep us aligned with your will and
purpose for our lives we also lift up
those in need asking for your healing
touch for the sick provision for those
facing financial difficulties peace and
restoration for troubled relationships
and strength and comfort for those
grappling with mental or emotional
burdens your promises in James chapter 5
verse 14 to 15 Philippians chapter 4
verse 19 Ephesians chapter 4 verse 2 to
3 and Psalm chapter 34 Verse 18 remind
us of your unwavering care
Jesus we place our trust in your
boundless love and mercy believing that
you can do immeasurably more than we can
imagine as Ephesians chapter 3 verse 20
assures us thank you for hearing our
prayers and being with us in our time of
need we trust in your infinite wisdom
and love acknowledging you as the god of
Miracles we await your divine
intervention in our lives promising to
witness your Miracle with Open Hearts
and Minds as your word in John 11 40
reminds us we believe and we eagerly
anticipate seeing your glory in you Lord
we place our complete trust knowing that
you will guide us through all that comes
our way we offer our praise gratitude
and blessings in Jesus name amen
may God bless you with abundance and
keep you always please comment amen
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blessed and see you in our next video
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