ONE THOUSAND People are Dying Every Day in This COVID Ravaged Country

A growing COVID crisis is taking the humanitarian disaster in Myanmar from bad to worse. Health experts predict that half of Myanmar’s 55 million people could be infected within three weeks as the situation is complicated by an oxygen shortage, very poor healthcare, and medical personnel hiding from the military.

Long lines greet Naw Oo as she tries to refill the two oxygen tanks her father needs each day.

Although he has COVID-19 and could infect others, Naw Oo has no choice but to bring him along because every second counts for him to be able to breathe in air.

Naw Oo said, “My family has no income and I have used up all my savings for my father’s medical needs but what worries me is that oxygen supply is running out.”

According to a funeral charity group, many of the people they buried recently died because of this lack of oxygen.

Bodies also now fill corridors of crematoriums. Since February’s military takeover, neither the government nor ministries of health have been functioning effectively.