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OLD CITY of TZFAT , Israel Today

OLD CITY of TZFAT , Israel Today

OLD CITY of TZFAT , Israel Today

The Tzfat that is the present vacationer hotspot is the Old City, beginning from the Spanish Jews who settled the town after the Expulsion in 1492. From the old structures to the ethnic environment, Safed offers a hop back to the past as well as a wonderful present. Nowadays, local people of Safed are frequently engaged with Kabbala (a Jewish obscure way of thinking) and Kabbala turns into a vital piece of society. The old city roads and houses are saturated with Kabbalistic impact – the entryways and windows painted blue in enchanted imagery to confound detestable spirits. Alongside the passionate Kabbalists in the Old City, craftsmen of fluctuated approach have gotten comfortable Safed, making the Artists’ Quarter.

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