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No Christian should be a MEMBER to any local church! Here’s why

If you are in a biblically based environment fellowshipping with like-minded believers you should continue to fellowship. However, if they ask you to become a member, kindly decline and state the reasons given forth in this video teaching. Bring them to awareness of the error of their ways by using this video. Advise them that the only label that’s in the Bible for Believers is a Christian. Don’t sign any membership forms or give personal information.
Many of the churches are under 501 (c)(3) and your info could be turned over to the Government.


If they urge you to become a member or take on a label such as Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Apostolic, etc, Advise them you ought to obey God over man and you will not be labeled anything other than a Christian.

We encourage fellowship for singing, worship and praying for each. Teachings must be strictly discerned. Many Pastors are not teaching correctly the Word of God and there is an increase of deception going on in the local churches. Teachings MUST run parallel with the Word of God.

Gathering at homes under bible study teachings is the best way to go in these last days with all the deception going on in the local churches and denominations.


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