Man seeking God tricked into freemasonry and illuminati society

Every single minute of this MUST-WATCH video is loaded with explosive information about the deceptive tactics of the devil and the extent of Jesus’ power that manifests through His anointed servants.

A young man seeking for God, ended up being tricked into freemasonry and the Illuminati society by a group of people he met. After he was forcefully initiated into the Illuminati society his life was never the same again! Then, God intervened and led him to the SCOAN Thessalonica to receive his deliverance… The outcome of the spiritual battle you will witness proves that there is nothing God has created that He cannot command!

Watch the light of God expose satan and his evil agents, and pray for every wandering soul that has strayed from God’s path. As you pray for their salvation, God Almighty will save you too, in Jesus’ name!