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Lost Teaching of the First Apostles Revealed

Lost Teaching of the First Apostles Revealed

Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark give you a 2020 gander at the everything except overlooked lessons of the primary witnesses. It might be in the nick of time.

The Antidote for 2020 and Beyond

In Instanbul, Turkey, the year 1873, a youthful pastor found a delicate papyrus look in a cloister library. It was classified “the Teaching” or Didache. Longer than a century later it turned into the subject of serious investigation by driving researchers. Their agreement? It pre-dated even the primary composed accounts.

Composed for a world with no information on Jesus or the gospel, the Didache’s ageless guidance is appropriate for our current, frequently heathen culture. This instructing is basic and soaked with the intensity of the early church. In its day, Messianic devotees were still piece of first century Judaism!

An Ancient Blueprint for the Supernatural contains the full content of the Didache alongside discourse from Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark. From its pages you will find how to:

• Please God even in a heathen society

• Demonstrate Jesus to your general surroundings

• Access the inexplicable intensity of the Cross

• Rediscover supplication, fellowship, sanctification and their capacity

• Discern bogus instructing that denies you of God’s totality in your life

Dennis and Jennifer Clark state you will invite the shrewdness of the Didache in your life, and the uncommon and true comprehension of the early church it gives you.

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