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Jesus Takes Her to Heaven to See the Future & Beyond…

My guest says the next decade will be payback for all that you have suffered, next.
SR: You know, every time I get together with Donna Rigney, there are two things that always happen The first is, the presence of God is tangible I mean, it is strong It’s stronger now than the last tim I interviewed you, Donna Rigney and the second thing is that you provoke me to jealousy I mean, this woman almost every da is going to Heave and getting revelations that are every one of them has the potentia to change your life forever and you also hear what’s going to happe in the future. For instance, in 2019 you knew what was going to happen in 2020 What did you know? DR: Well, one of the times the Lord brought me into the Spirit, He showed me His, the world, the whole globe. His hand was resting on top of it, and He told me. He said, “When my hand rests on the world, everything is in its place.” He said, “But if I just lift it off a little bit, chaos reigns,” and I just saw His hand. You know, this part of his hands was still on the world, but just there His fingers lifted up. He said, “Chaos reigns,” so I’m telling you this because there’s going to come a period of chaos, of strife, civil unrest and many problems that are going to be coming to the world, and He said, “I’m letting you know this ahead of time so you will not think that you doubted my word when I told you revival is coming. That when you see all these problems,I don’t want you to think you didn’t hear me. Revival is coming.” He told me that in July, July 30th of 2019. SR: And what you’ve described was a perfect description of the year 2020. DR: And then again He spoke to me like a month and a half later. On September 6th, He spoke to me again, and He said to me. “A world war, a war is coming to your land like you have never seen before.

“He said, “It’s going to be brother against brother,” and I thought, “The Civil War was so bad. How can it be worse than the Civil War?” And He said, “It is going to be worse than anything you’ve ever seen.” He said, “Remind my people to pick up their weapons. Their most powerful weapons are love and forgiveness.” He said, “I’m telling you this so that you will mobilize the troops,” so I knew it was going to be a spiritual war, that a lot of prayer was going to be needed. This was back September before we had any of the problems with the coronavirus, with the riots in the streets and with all the election problems we’ve been having. SR: I mean, it’s almost an unreal time we’re living in, Donna,

where parents are against children, children against parents, brothers against sisters. I mean, even in your own house on so many different issues. It’s like we’re two different planets or something, so that was a perfect description, but the reason I have you here is because you live in the glory. You have a passion for everyone to live in the glory.

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