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Is this a mockery? Man gets baptized AQUAFINA style!

The word “Baptism” is a transliteration of the Greek word BAPTIZO which means to immerse. Immersion (webster’s) transitive verb. 1 : to plunge into something that surrounds or covers especially : to plunge or dip into a fluid. 2 : engross, absorb completely immersed in his work.


well praise the lord everyone i just came across this video here i want to share with you it’s a small video clip go ahead and take a look preston said when he was younger he got baptized because somebody else wanted him to do and today he is getting baptized because he has decided to do it in line with his own personal salvatio

n so we are excited for brother charles preston today and brother charles we can’t dip you in water we can’t dip you in water but we’re gonna pour a bottle of water over you and just acknowledge that you have been baptized in the body of christ go ahead brother d amen now you’ve seen it for yourself with your own eyes what has taken place here this is something else they have a pool under a little kiddie pool under this man and towels across the floor as if there’s a flood of water coming in and the guy is like socially

distanced away and he stretches out his arms as far as he can you know so he doesn’t break that social distance barrier right and he just pours over the man’s head two water bottles and he doesn’t even completely empty the water bottles and the congregation is clapping in unison and they’re just so happy and and what caught my attention also is that the pastor says brother charles unfortunately we’re not able to dip you in water but this is going to be a type of sufficient baptism for you here today listen i don’t know about you all wherever you’re at whatever state you’re at hearing this message here today

but in my state we’re we’re under a drought as we usually always are every few years right those of you who are in california you know this but we still hav the coast we still have rivers and lakes we still have pools we have running water sprinkler systems are still going off i have my sprinkler system going off in my house there are plenty of bodies of water but unfortunately this church for some reason they can’t get to a body of water their or their as he said it we’re unable to dip you her absurd to put this man through this as he stated he his own confession when he was younger someone forced

him to get baptized now that he’s older he wants to he’s through his own volition he wants to get baptized and now he goes to your church and you’re unable to dip him in water so you have someone pour two water bottles over his head you know this is not a laughing matter folks this is serious business this man’s soul is on the line if you know this brother charles man have him reach out to me send him my way if i have to visit him personally and baptize him in the name of jesus christ i will but we need to get this man baptized properly i don’t know where this church is at if you know the name of i send that to me as well the bible says jesus came straight away out of the water that means he went into the water at his baptism and he came out of the water fully immersed let this man know

that in romans 6 it talks about being buried with christ in baptism risen with christ to the newness of life jesus christ wasn’t partially dead he wasn’t partially placed in the tomb he was fully dead and there his body lay dead in the tomb and praise god he rose on the third day but he was fully dead likewise we must be fully immersed i hear there are street preachers that are doing this as well they’re going to college campuses and they’re pouring water over to the student’s head and calling that a sufficient baptism that’s a mockery you’re too lazy to take that person to a body of water

and have them get baptized correctly but then you’re going to have another problem because you’re not only dousing them with water over their head but you’re baptizing them in titles according to the roman catholic doctrine you know this whole public safety public health trust the data trust the scientists throw common sense out of the window era that we’re in has turned people into clowns and they are displaying clownish behavior they are mocking god mocking the things of god mocking the ordinances and the commands of god in the name of public health and public safety the bible

says when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction destruction has come upon many of these people that destruction is that fine line person crosses and they become reprobate when they defy god and they blaspheme his name and his spirit they become reprobate it doesn’t matter if you go to church it doesn’t matter if you call yourself a preacher doesn’t matter if you have a theology degree you can become reprobate by trusting the antichrist system over god look at how people

have have acted during this tim you know in acts chapter 10 verse 47 peter said can any man forbid water can any man forbid water and that’s what that pastor at this church was doing 05:5 he was forbidding water we cannot dip you here we cannot dip you today we’re unable to dip you in water peter was speaking the rhetorical question can any man forbid bid water that these should not be baptized of course not and the bible says next verse and he commanded them to be baptized commanded them to be baptized in the name of the lord jesus christ so what this pastor was doing he was forbidding this man to be baptized in water

so he used a substitute and just threw a couple water bottles over his head he’s in violation the acts that humans are displaying very clownish illogical makes no sense foolish behavior and they mock god they mock the things of god and god is not mocked whatsoever man soweth that shall he also reap until next time everyone go in peace in the name of jesus amen great

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