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Iraq: At least 82 killed in fire at Baghdad hospital treating COVID-19 patients

this is cctv from a corridor on the intensive care floor of a hospital in southern baghdad it’s just before 10 30 on saturday night watch the right of the screen and the flash as an oxygen tank explodes within a few seconds the flames are already starting to spread firefighters spent hours trying to get the fire under control

at least 200 people were rescued and transferred to other hospitals in the iraqi capital i took her on my shoulders and i ran down people were jumping from over there doctors fell on the cars everyone was jumping we have been looking for them for over an hour there is no trace we went to the morgue to every hospital we can’t find any of them many of the victims were covered patients they were on oxygen to

fight the virus by sunday hundreds were still unaccounted for and their relatives were searching the remains for them how could i leave my father i stayed with him i tried to drag him out but i couldn’t because he’d lost consciousness when the smoke became more intense and the oxygen tanks exploded i lost consciousness i don’t know what happened iraq’s health system has been ruined by decades of war sanctions and neglect the country’s
prime minister has given the health authorities 24 hours to deliver results of an investigation but already most iraqis are pointing the finger at the system and those in power alastair bunker sky news

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