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In Just 5 Minutes, Jesus Will Touch You With His Healing Power If You Pray This Healing Prayer Now!

In Just 5 Minutes, Jesus Will Touch You With His Healing Power If You Pray This Healing Prayer Now!

hi precious child of god i welcome you to another moment of prayer before we go to god in prayer remember to subscribe and turn on notifications to join our prayer community and also share this powerful prayer with your friends and family now let us pray lord jesus thank you that you love us i know that you hate what illness does to your children and our loved ones i ask in the name of jesus that you heal this disease that you would have compassion

and bring healing from all sickness help me to trust in your healing grace the scriptures say in exodus 23 verse that and you shall serve the lord your god and he shall bless your bread and water and take away sickness from among you it is no doubt that from generations
past up to today god has kept his covenant with his children and it’s our sole right and
responsibility to take advantage of this promise and live in divine health as children of
promise his word to us is truly clear but he said my grace is sufficient for you
for my strength is made perfect in weakness i will restore your health and i will
heal your wounds declares the lord jeremiah father i pray for a healing and quick
recovery build up our immune systems to remove any virus that tries to lingeri pray for complete healing in jesus name i also lift up other families who are enduring sickness
some are encountering severe illness and more serious and some minor ones i pray you will comfort the sick and heal them completely give them strength and peace from above
psalm 41 verse 3 says the lord will sustain him on his sick bed in his illness you restore full health father please give me the strength to endure any pain lord jesus i need your help in my weakness let the blood of jesus cleanse me from within almighty god you are the only source of health and healing nin you there is calm and the only true peace in the universe

grant to each one of us your children an awareness of your presence in the holy spirit
and protect us and give us perfect confidence in you o lord in all pain weariness brokenness and anxiety teach us to yield ourselves to never failing care knowing that your love and power surround us in your wisdom and your arm stretched hand to give us good health strength and peace in the midst of the storm heavenly father your word says the prayer of faith shall heal the sick therefore we declare by faith psalm 91 verse 1 which says that he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the
almighty king of glory keep my soul from fear and body in divine safetythat my soul dwells in safety all the days of my life that the enemy never has access to any part of my body

thank you father for healing me and setting me free from all forms of danger thank you for the healing grace thank you for the blood of christ i declare that i am whole and declared
free in jesus name amen i hope this prayer ministered to you if it did then share this beautiful prayer with your friends and loved ones and also subscribe and turn on the notification button so that you don’t miss any prayer god bless you

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