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I am a Child of God / NO LONGER SLAVES

I am a Child of God / NO LONGER SLAVES

If we would just all recognize that all of us are children of God, and treat each other as such, no child would go through what many are facing today: Child sex trafficking is real. This is a sad truth and we need to do our part to end it. We came across Operation Underground Railroad a couple of years ago and felt the importance of their purpose, and the need to recognize that so many kids find themselves in slavery of different kinds. In this case we are talking about child sex trafficking, which breaks our hearts.

One particular story that the founder or O.U.R Rescue, Tim Ballard, shared that inspired this song was of a Haitian who’s son had been kidnapped. They still have not found his son, but they were able to rescue many other children, and the man who lost his son took in many of those rescued children as part of his own family. This song portrays our feelings about this important cause — and we want all of the proceeds earned from this song to be donated to the O.U.R. RESCUE Foundation. We are grateful for their efforts and for putting their own lives on the line — to help rescue children in sex slavery.

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