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HEAR MY CRY, OH GOD | Powerful Miracle Prayer For Impossible Situations That Touches God’s Heart

father Lord you know my heart and all my troubles i am facing problems in my life that seem impossible to solve but you are capable of doing all things i present my problems an challenges to you asking you to perform miracles in every impossible situation i cast all my burdens unto you come to my aid and bring me miracles i am blessed to have a father in heaven who i can always approach with confidence especially when i am in need of answers to prayers unleash your miracle power to destroy every impossible situation i am facing in my family finances marriage place of work and many more give me the strength to wait on you for my miracle i refuse to agree that my situation is impossible Lord Jesus God of possibilities please turn every situation around for my good grant me uncommon testimonies for my impossible situation help me to walk with you Lord to receive a miracle at any point in time of my life fill me with faith to believe that my situation is not permanent show me your way that i may walk in your miracles in Jesus name i pray