What is happening in this world: natural disasters on the planet of Earth. The latest news about weather events and disasters. The climate is changing rapidly, which inevitably leads to global warming.

Abnormal heat has caused forest fires in European countries. So, over the past day in Greece, more than 100 fires have flared up. 50 of them have not yet been extinguished. Due to the threat of the spread of fire, three settlements were evacuated. 800 firefighters and 300 pieces of equipment were sent to fight the flames. Military personnel and police officers are involved in the evacuation of residents. The smoke from the fire covered the capital of Greece, Athens.

The smell of burning is still present in the city. Citizens are advised to tightly close windows and doors, and go outside only wearing a mask.

Record heat in Greece lasted the entire last week. The air temperature reached 46 degrees. The last time this hot weather was in 1987.

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