God Showed Her What’s Ahead in the 2020s

God addressed Brenda Kunneman that He is setting His kin in the mood for gift and festivity—in this decade! Figure out how to proclaim it over YOUR life!

Be Powerful: Proclaim the Words of the Lord!

Prophetic voice Brenda Kunneman’s new book and training arrangement will supercharge your confidence and your determination!

Brenda’s most recent book, The Daily Decree, gives the expressions of Heaven something to do for the King of lords. Like Jesus, devotees must tune in for the Father’s voice and proclaim what He has spoken. At the point when you intensely order God’s statement, your words are soaked in the otherworldly life and inventive intensity of the Kingdom!

Brenda spreads out a progression of lawful announcements that were birthed in the core of God, imparted to her, and now are conferred to you. These are your instruments for activity, and they include:

• Confessions that discharge favoring: Decrees sponsored by Scripture that you can admit strikingly!

• Declarations that open discovery: Prophetic words to assist you with conquering explicit afflictions of life

• Proclamations that release predetermination: Points of understanding among you and God to prophetically declare what He is stating about your life and future

In Brenda’s CD/sound arrangement Things Change When We Decree, she includes her essential lessons for understanding why things change, how to authorize your power as a devotee through announcements, and her preferred approaches to make orders! Prepare to initiate Heaven for your benefit!

Brenda Kunneman is fellow benefactor of One Voice Ministries and, with her better half, ministers Lord of Hosts church in Omaha, Nebraska. She is an author and educator who serves broadly and universally. Thousands visit her prophetic site, The Daily Prophecy.

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