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Germany: Not Islam against Christianity, it’s democratic society against terrorism – Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at a virtual press conference from Berlin on Tuesday following a meeting of EU countries on anti-terrorism strategies.

“This is not about a confrontation between Islam and Christianity, for example, but this is about the democratic model of society having to confront terrorism and anti-democratic behaviour, and with great frankness and determined strength,” Merkel stated.

She also stressed the need for stricter controls in the Schengen area mentioning the European Travel Information and Authorisation System that’s expected to be launched in 2023.

“I would like to see us talking to Islamic countries about the fight against terrorism and seeking contacts for that purpose. We have done so in recent days, both [European Council President] Charles Michel and I, and [French President] Emmanuel Macron, and we will continue to do so, so that we also have a social dimension, not just a criminal judicial dimension, but a social discussion and dimension of this fight against terrorism,” Merkel concluded.

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