Full-Length Video Recording of the Historic Hill Cumorah Pageant from Palmyra, New York, USA

In this video, hundreds of cast, crew, and volunteers participate in the 2019 Hill Cumorah Pageant held in Palmyra, New York.

The 2019 pageant featured its largest cast ever with 770 participants, whose ages ranged from 6 months to 82 years old, filling 1,200 roles. The cast, 150-person staff and crew volunteered an estimated 230,000 hours.

Occurring annually since 1937, the Hill Cumorah Pageant has been one of the largest outdoor theater productions in the United States.

The pageant, which featured scenes from the Book of Mormon, was performed each year on the hillside next to the Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center in Manchester, New York, about three miles south of the Sacred Grove.

The Hill Cumorah is a sacred site where the Prophet Joseph Smith experienced five encounters with the angel Moroni and retrieved the ancient gold plates from which he translated the Book of Mormon.