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Former New Age Leader Exposes One World Order Agenda

One man’s quest for Truth paved the way for others to escape New Age enlightenment.

Includes Authentic Awakening, Dismantling the New Age Counterfeit & The Agenda of the One World Order From the age of 13 Alan Strudwick was ushered along a spiritual path that was planned and mapped out for him. He was chosen and invited into intense Hindu discipleship. Over two decades Alan was groomed to lead the introduction of New Age thinking and Eastern practices into Western culture. In Authentic Awakening, Alan retells his life journey of New Age entanglement that ends in a miraculous encounter with a God he never believed in.

Then Alan’s 3-CD/audio series, Dismantling the New Age Counterfeit, takes on this New Age gospel of demons in 8 powerful sessions:

• Saved by the Truth • Counterfeits Exist Today • Discerning and Testing the Spirits • What are Doctrines of Demons? • God of Self • Angel of Light • Word of God • Repentance In The Agenda of the One World Order (CD/audio) Alan exposes those who are pushing for a “Great Reset,” one world government and one world religion. You need to know sooner, not later!

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