Exploration Inside the mysterious ”well of Hell” in Yamen. Giant Hole , Barhout Well in Yamen

The Well of Barhout (also nicknamed Well of Hell) is a sink hole in Hadhramaut, Yemen. It is about 30 m (100 ft) wide at the surface. The cave system it leads to has little oxygen and no ventilation, and remains unexplored.With foul odours rising from its depths, locals say it is a prison for demons.

Surrounded in mystery and tales of demons, the Well of Barhout in Yemen’s east — known as the “Well of Hell” — is a little-understood natural wonder.

Closer to the border with Oman than to the capital Sanaa 1,300 kilometres (800 miles) away, the giant hole in the desert of Al-Mahra province is 30 metres wide and thought to be anywhere between 100 and 250 metres deep.