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End Times War in US? Judgment? Russian Troops? Dream. TURN TO JESUS

End Times War in US? Judgment? Russian Troops? Dream. TURN TO JESUS

I would not like to record or post this video, and I unquestionably don’t need this fantasy to happen. We as a congregation need to NOT acknowledge this as “certainty,” yet rather start to PRAY, HARD for America, the US Church, the Lord’s kindness, and a large portion of all, apologize for our transgressions, the wrongdoings of our country, the wrongdoings of our pioneers, and the transgressions of our predecessors. God is sovereign and can do or transform anything. I think individuals are getting these equivalent dreams presently to caution others so we can ask against these plans of the adversary and get ready. I hadn’t seen the accompanying recordings before I had my fantasy, however when I woke up, subsequent to review minister Dana Coverington’s comparable dream (connected underneath), I felt prompted record and post my comparative dream.

Dream 6/28

I was living in an alternate town and a pit bull doggy appeared at our entryway. I as of now have 2 canines and was concluding whether to keep it. I don’t care for pit bulls yet it was charming and the half-pint and was relinquished and figured it would be useful for assurance in the event that something terrible happens to property. Later I was at the neighbors house over the road encompassed by children and conversing with them outside. At the point when I attempted to return inside saw the entryways were bolted. At that point, people (white, tall) wearing all dark military outfits with dark police caps came and began shooting everybody. They didn’t let out the slightest peep just came and began shooting. I cleared a 11 foot fence and ran and holed up behind certain trees. They could detect where I was (evil presences not people?) and came directly towards me a gathering of 3 of them and right when they got to (I dare to execute me) me I woke up.

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