Dad Can’t Stop Crying Happy Tears As Daughter Surprises Him after 3 Years

A beloved dad has warmed hearts online when his daughter surprised him after nearly three years apart and he couldn’t stop crying for hours on end. In the heart-warming video montage, Jordyn Rassi, 26, initially snuck up onto the porch of her father William Nutting Jr.’s home in Spokane Valley, Washington. There, Jordyn waited with her husband, Tyler, as William, who goes by JR, headed outside. As soon as he caught sight of his daughter, JR, 59, screamed “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” and threw down his hat and glasses in shock. He then darted across the porch to give Jordyn a huge hug, sobbing on her shoulder. The fun, however, didn’t stop there. After their initial hug, Jordyn recorded her father’s ongoing shock at the surprise throughout the day. First, she captured him weak at the knees, leaning on the porch fence as he continued to cry happy tears. Then, Jordyn captured her dad in his living room, the kitchen, and even at a restaurant – each time the moment would hit him, and he would be required to wipe away tears once more.