Crazy flood in Belgium | Brussels underwater

Extreme floods hit the southeastern part of the country on the border with Germany. By Tuesday, 31 people had been killed, 70 reported missing, and thousands were left homeless and without property. The civil defense authorities said that the actual rescue work had come to a standstill and that it could only be a matter of finding the bodies. In these circumstances, the authorities considered most of the planned parties to be inadequate.
The threshold of the holiday was declared a national mourning in the presence of the royal family and the government at the ceremony in the fire barracks in Verviers, the center of the tragedy.
The military parade on 21 July in Brussels in the square in front of the Royal Palace was canceled, only the part of the civilian dedicated to the “heroes of the battle” was left. Military participants along with equipment, including helicopters, were busy cleaning up after the disaster and finding the missing.
The fireworks and the first public party after Kovid in Central Park have been canceled. One week ago, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close happily informed reporters that on 20 July, for the first time in a year and a half of covid asceticism, the traditional national ball was held at the Place du Jeu de Balle.
Took place (“Ball Game Squares”) and the next evening – a traditional festival of gourmetresto National. Also in abbreviated versions. The first – for 2,250 people at tables in the square and along the surrounding facilities, the second – for 780 guests at 130 tables. Play well-known Belgian bands, but it is possible to dance without moving away from the table, and the poor restaurateurs offer a hundred Brussels-style mussels with a bag of fries for 1 euro. “Little by little, we are returning to normal life,” exclaimed Mayor Close. People are looking forward to returning for their vacation, restaurateurs – above all. After all, lockdown and Covid restriction here are literally cruel – by comparison, Moscow looks like a light make-up. From the beginning, the issue of nightly drinking and dancing places was not discussed. For most of the year, restaurants and cafes have only worked with take-away, except in the summer to pamper yourself on the terraces. The same goes for hairdressers and beauty salons. Bloody parties, concerts and shows as well as public events have been banned by the government.

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