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Covid-19 India: Dozens of corpses lined up for cremation as country faces ‘two weeks of hell’


HARROWING footage shows dozens of Covid victims lined up for cremation as India faces another “two weeks of hell”.

Crematoriums are operating round the clock to cope with thousands of daily deaths – and experts say worse is to come before the peak of the world’s worst outbreak.

Oxygen supplies and beds have run out at many hospitals, leaving gasping patients dying at home or on the streets.

The capital, Delhi — where the night sky glows orange with funeral pyres — is the worst-hit city. It has reported 1,777 deaths in five days.

Our video shows the brutal reality of the virus as the country’s official death toll neared 200,000.

Dozens of bodies are seen lined up on the ground in 40C heat at Delhi’s Shubash Nagar Crematorium.

Relatives can be seen carefully placing a Covid victim at the end of a snaking queue of other corpses.

They are all wrapped in shrouds ready for cremation, some with flowers draped on top.

Further back, more families carrying loved-ones are seen waiting to join the line.

Nearby dozens of lit and smouldering pyres are placed just feet apart from each other in the cremation areas.

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Harrowing footage shows dozens of Covid corpses lined up for cremation as India faces ‘two weeks of hell’…​

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