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Coronavirus restrictions: What about the holidays?

Coronavirus restrictions: What about the holidays?

German health authorities have today reported a record 410 coronavirus related-deaths. This milestone comes just as the country’s 16 state leaders are set to decide on stricter lockdown measures. They have reportedly agreed to extend coronavirus restrictions into December, with exceptions for holiday celebrations. New daily infections have leveled off, but Germany’s caseload remains stubbornly high. Among European countries, Finland has come out as a star pupil of coronavirus containment, managing to keep its new infection rates under reasonable control. Restaurants and bars are open for business, and stores never closed. But there are fairly tight rules aimed at keeping the virus outside its borders. France is relaxing its coronavirus restrictions following a drop in new infections. Non-essential shops, movie theaters and museums will gradually reopen but large gatherings will remain banned. Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, has eased social distancing measures and allowed companies to bring employees back to work, after three weeks without a locally transmitted case. And in the US, a restaurant dining ban comes into effect today in Los Angeles – the country’s second-biggest city. The three-week order comes as the state of California faces a record number of new infections.

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