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A sacred chalice once used by the Islamist terror group, Islamic State, for target practice has now gone on display for veneration in churches across southern Spain. The chalice, which is still peppered with bullet holes, was rescued from a Syrian Catholic church in the town of Qaraqosh in northern Iraq. It is now being cared for by the pontifical charity, Aid to the Church in Need, who exist to promote the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide. They are currently taking the sacred vessel around parishes within the Diocese of Malaga in Spain. In doing so, says the charity, they hope to highlight what Catholics in Iraq – and in many other countries – have to suffer for their faith in Jesus Christ. Islamic State took control of Northern Iraq in 2014. Vicar general hails Mother Teresa as “Patron Saint of 20th Century” Mother Teresa of Calcutta is the Patron Saint of the Twentieth Century. That was the claim of the Vicar General of the city’s archdiocese, Father Dominic Gomes, as he offered Holy Mass to mark the 110th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth on August the 26th. Father Gomes celebrated Mass at the tomb of Mother Teresa. He described how she changed the world due to her conviction that touching the broken bodies of the poor was the same as touching the body of Christ. For her, “work was contemplation in action,” said Fr. Dominic. Mother Teresa was born in Albania in 1910. She became a nun when she was 18. Aid to the Church in Need unveils COVID-19 aid package Aid to the Church in Need, have unveiled a three-pronged approach to helping those most badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon’s Zahleh region and Bekaa Valley. The eastern territories are among the poorest in Middle Eastern country and are home to many refugees from the civil war in neighboring Syria. Now Aid to the Church in need is creating a COVID-19 test center in the Tel Chiha hospital in the city of Zaleh. The hospital is an apostolate of the Greek Melkite Archdiocese of Zaleh and Furzal. Second, Aid to the Church in Need will help supply urgent basic necessities, including hygiene articles and food parcels, to 2000 of the neediest families in the region. That’s in response to a request by the Greek Melkite Archbishop Issam John Darwish of Zaleh.

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