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Catholic priest shot dead by robbers in Venezuela

Catholic priest shot dead by robbers in Venezuela

A young priest has been shot dead after attempting to help a parishioner who was being held at gunpoint by robbers in Venezuela. The fatal shooting took place on Tuesday night after Holy Mass at the San Juan Bautista Diocesan Eucharistic Shrine in the city of San Carlos. According to reports, the local pastor, Father José Manuel De Jesús Ferreira, was saying goodbye to parishioners when armed men attempted to overwhelm the group in a bid to rob the adjacent parish house. The 39-year-old cleric then intervened after a parishioner was grabbed by the would-be thieves. Calls for Vatican to clarify Pope Francis’ comment on homosexual civil unions There are calls for the Vatican to clarify comments attributed to Pope Francis in a new documentary in which the Holy Father seems to give his approval to homosexual civil unions. The controversial comments are contained within a new film by the Israeli-American director, Evgeny Afineevsky, entitled Francesco. The documentary features a series of interviews with Pope Francis. During one such conversation on the issue of homosexuality, the Holy Father is seen to say, quote, “What we have to create is a civil union law.” Judge Amy Coney Barrett gets Senate Judiciary Committee approval Judge Amy Coney Barrett looks set to be confirmed as the next Justice of the United States Supreme Court after being approved by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee vote was boycotted by its Democratic members but that still left Republican members with the numbers required to advance the nomination of Judge Barrett to a vote by the full Senate. It’s expected they will now ratify her appointment prior to the U.S. General Election on November the 3rd. Poland takes big step towards total ban on abortion Poland’s top court has ruled that abortions in cases of fetal defects are unconstitutional – a decision that will almost totally ban abortion in Poland. The ruling was delivered on October the 22nd — that’s the Feast Day of the late Polish pontiff, Pope Saint John Paul II. At present there are approximately a thousand legal abortions in Poland each year. 98% of those are carried out on the grounds of fetal disabilities. A challenge to that practice was raised last year by Members of Parliament from the ruling center-right Law and Justice Party. Catholic Church in South Korea opposes new government abortion laws The Catholic Church in South Korea have spoken up against plans by its government to liberalize the Asian country’s abortion laws. Last year, the nation’s Constitutional Court ruled that South Korea’s seven decade-long ban on abortion was unconstitutional. South Korea’s Ministry of Justice have now put forward a proposal to allow abortion up to 14 weeks in all cases and up to 24 weeks in cases of severe birth defects, sex crime, or health risk to the mother. San Francisco’s archbishop performs exorcism at the site of vandalized saint statue Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco has performed an exorcism on the spot where a statue of the 18th century Franciscan missionary, Saint Junipero Serra, was vandalized and toppled earlier this month. The incident took place at Saint Rafael Mission Church in San Rafael on Monday October the 12th. That incident was but the latest in a series of similar attacks upon statues of Saint Junipero across California in recent months. Critics accuse the saint of oppressing native Americans. That’s a charge his defenders, including Archbishop Cordileone, strenuously deny. Father Maccalli: I survived thanks to prayer… and the radio An Italian missionary priest, held captive by Islamist militants in the African country of Mali for over two years, has been recounting how he survived his ordeal with the help of prayer…and a short-wave radio. 59 -year- old Father Pierluigi Maccalli was abducted by an armed group of jihadists from Niger in September 2018. Earlier this month, however, he was finally released. In a new interview, Father Maccalli says he was sustained throughout by simple morning and evening prayers, that he had learned from his mother and the Holy Rosary which his Grandmother had taught him to use as contemplative prayer.

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