Biblical flood punishes Russia! Cars sail into the sea, Novorossiysk

Late in the evening, torrential floods flooded most of the city. The water flooded the Anapa Highway, Volgograd Highway, Dzerzhinsky Avenue and other city highways. In Novorossiysk, cars went under the water on the roof. Streams, reminiscent of mountain rivers, rushed through the streets of the city.

The Russian city of Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Territory, was flooded with a downpour, cars were washed out of parking lots. In the city, due to the incessant downpours in the late evening, alarm sirens sounded to alert the population. Stormy rivers flowed along the Soviets, Mira, Portovaya, Lednev, Lenin Avenue, Volgogradskaya, Dzerzhinsky Avenue, Engels. The suburbs were also flooded – Myskhako, Glebovka, Vasilyevka, Abrau Dyurso “floated”.

The downpour flooded the houses. Utilities and energy companies urgently eliminate the consequences of the flood All city services, rescuers, repair and restoration teams of resource-supplying organizations are involved in eliminating the consequences of a heavy downpour in Novorossiysk.