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BBC journalist sent flying live on air by Beirut explosion

BBC journalist sent flying live on air by Beirut explosion

THE horrifying moment a massive blast ripped through Beirut yesterday was captured in a live BBC broadcast as the journalist was sent flying.

A colossal explosion a fifth the size of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb killed at least 100 people in the Lebanese capital. The disaster was sparked when a welder ignited 2,700 tons of explosive chemicals in the port area, it’s reported. BBC News Arabic journalist Maryam Toumi was in the middle of a video interview when the devastating blast rocked the city. An ominous rumbling sound can be heard as she stands up looking terrified. The camera is then knocked to the floor as the massive explosion hits and her interviewees watch in horror. Ms Toumi can be heard screaming as broken glass scatters across the floor and an alarm starts sounding. After a tense few moments, the reporter turns the camera around and picks herself up off the floor, seemingly unharmed. Thousands were injured in the disaster, with the death toll expected to skyrocket. Shocking pictures show flattened buildings, walking wounded, and a sea of rubble in the wake of the catastrophe which could be heard 110 miles away in Cyprus.

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