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Are we seeing the forming of the “Beast System?!?!

Are we seeing the forming of the “Beast System?!?!

We have heard for many years that we are in the last day’s. and since the resurrection of Jesus, we have been. But there are specific end time prophecies which seem to depend heavily on an advanced form of technical [specifically speaking about ones fulfilled by the false prophet, beast and satan]. A surveillance state, if you will. Well it wasn’t until now [meaning this generation] that this technology is flourishing. we are living in a day where algorithms can already project and predict our entire lives. We who believe in Christ should not find any of this a surprise. This in fact is spoken. This video is not going to point who the antichrist is, or what the beast technology will specifically be [I do not believe it is yet revealed]. It will however show us, it’s best we start putting our faith in Jesus and paying attention. Gods will be done.

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