China released Unannounced Floods and a terrible number of 238,000 deaths and more

Flooding in Zhengzhou, China: Terrible omen and where is the owner of 238,000 cars?

Three weeks have passed since the terrible flood occurred in Zhengzhou, the number of deaths in the “Jingguang tunnel” and subway line 5 is still a mystery. While CCP officials give unbelievable casualty numbers, there was an omen at the beginning of the year in Zhengzhou that shows where the inspiration is now.

Zhengzhou was hit with a deadly tragedy, with an auto cemetery of 238,000 derelict cars.

So how many people actually died?

Flooding in Zhengzhou in China: Over 300 dead or 238,000 dead?
Zhengzhou experienced three rainy days in late July. Zhengzhou officials claimed more than 304 people were killed. But people are still questioning this official death toll.

Because many vehicles were flooded in Kinh Quang tunnel when heavy rain and flood water flooded in, some people filmed at the scene many vehicles, as well as many large buses covered with black cloth, which people suspected were car bodies. load, pull out. tunnel.

AFP reported, Mr. Ma Sieu, deputy director of the Banking and Insurance Supervision Department of Ha Nam province, revealed that until August 10, at least 238,000 damaged cars were still moved to the “cemetery”. car” on the outskirts of Zhengzhou after the surviving owners came to pick up the car.
So whose 238,000 cars are those? The number given is that there must be at least 238,000 deaths or more if each car has 2 people, the number is 476,000 or more.

Many videos show that within just 5 minutes on the evening of July 20, the water rose very quickly in the tunnel, causing many vehicles and people to be trapped in it.

Calculating the length of Kinh Quang tunnel is 5 km, the distance of each vehicle is 8 meters, there are 3,800 vehicles moving on 6 lanes, on average each car carries 2 people, then Kinh Quang tunnel alone has reached 3,800 vehicles. 7,600 victims died.

According to estimates by Goldman Sachs, the disaster in Zhengzhou has put heavy pressure on the insurance industry, with total claims amounting to $1.7 billion. Earlier, Beijing estimated the damage caused about 20.65 billion USD.


So, with such a huge amount of compensation, plus hundreds of thousands of derelict cars left behind in Zhengzhou, the outside world is once again questioning the true death toll. Many netizens left messages: “Where did the owners of these cars go?”, “Are the owners of these cars dead?”.

However, the Zhengzhou government chose to remain silent and ignore these questions of the people.

One thing to note, “Henan Business Daily” reported, before heavy rain fell on Zhengzhou on the evening of July 20, the Henan Meteorological Department issued 1,427 warnings about thunder. heavy rain and gusty winds, and 162 red warnings for heavy rain from July 17.

In addition, the Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau also sent 540,000 early warnings to 22,500 emergency responders in the city since the night of July 19, and sent storm warnings to 120 million people via mobile phone text messages.

But the Zhengzhou government in particular and Henan province made no move to emigrate, as well as closing the Kinh Quang tunnel and the subway system.

All by no means random.
The way Zhengzhou officials report data in the style of “Drums blow forward, trumpet blows backwards” shows that the CCP is really the boss of lies.

This great flood disaster is entirely man-made, all by the bloody hands of the CCP.

Remember on August 8, 1975, in Ha Nam province, a similar heavy rain occurred. It was a very tragic incident of the Ban Kieu dam that left more than 230,000 people dead and more than 10 million people homeless. All of this is due to the CCP releasing the flood without informing the people.