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i want to speak to anyone who needs strength and encouragement today i may not know what your situation is and i certainly don’t know what it feels like to walk in your shoes but there are certain emotions certain mindsets certain feelings that are common to every human being on this earth and what i mean by that is that you and i and everyone at some point in life we’ve all felt the burden of pressure we’ve all battled with the thoughts of what if well why did this happen i don’t understand why didn’t that happen at one point or another we’ve all felt rejected unfairly criticized not good enough these are all feelings and emotions that are common to everyone who goes through this thing called life now for someone who does not know the saving grace of jesus christ these negative feelings and emotions they can drive them to despair it can drive them to do all kinds of things however when you know him when you know jesus christ when you have invited him into your life and given him license to disrupt your heart and revamp your mind and spirit well you can go through these negative things these negative feelings but i tell you what you will not drown in them you will not come undone because of them you will not be destroyed by them if you know jesus christ then you can stand on 2 corinthians chapter 4 verse 8.

we are afflicted in every way but not crushed perplexed but not driven to despair persecuted but not forsaken struck down but not destroyed so be encouraged whatever may come your way cannot destroy because jesus christ is in your corner nothing can drive you to despair because the loving arms of jesus christ won’t allow it he will not forsake you he won’t allow anything to destroy you god is watching over you he will be the one to guide you he’ll be the one to lift you up when you fall he’ll preserve you during times of difficulty during those times of uncertainty and he will give his angels charge over you he is the god that will keep you he’ll keep you so that no misfortune may befall you in him and in him alone you can find strength you can find understanding you can find knowledge and wisdom you can find peace and boldness his light will surround you always his love will overwhelm you each and every day his power it will protect you and your family regardless of what the circumstance that you may face regardless what those
circumstances may say our certainty is in the lord jesus christ our hope is in the lord jesus christ and now let us pray lord jesus you are a holy god you are a righteous god you alone are the one who moves mountains and causes walls to fall i know that regardless of everything happening around me regardless of the things going on in this world lord i know that you are still in control you are still on your throne and you are still a good god you’re the one who has promised never to leave us nor forsake us and lord even though at this time i may not understand everything that’s going on in my life i may not understand why some of the battles are before me and why certain things are happening but what i do understand is that nahum 1 verse 7 says the lord is good a stronghold in the day of trouble he knows those who take refuge in him what i do understand is that second

timothy chapter 4 verse 18 says the lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom to him be the glory forever and ever what i do understand is that you have commanded me to be strong and courageous to not tremble or be dismayed for you my god are with me and so i will call out your name the name that is above every name and that name is jesus christ my deliverer you alone can split the sea of uncertainty you alone can move the mountain of impossibilities you alone jesus can slay the giant of fear and save me from the den of condemnation lord speak the words peace be still over my life i trust in you to be my solution i trust you to be my chain breaker i pray that you would give me the strength to stand firm and to stand strong and to stand in unwavering faith be with me god as i walk by faith and not by sight you alone lord are my rock and my refuge should i be uncertain about anything should i be indecisive or unsure about anything at all lord may you give me wisdom and clarity of mine god your word says in first corinthians 14 verse 33 that you are not the author of confusion but of peace and lord i stand and believe on that word i come against any confusion in my life in jesus name may the peace of christ rule my mind and may it be found in abundance in my heart and even in my home nothing just happens lord nothing happens without your knowledge and without your consent and i believe that as a child of god as a believer in christ all things work together for my good because i love you lord jesus and so i declare that the challenge i’m facing it will work out for

my good that situation that doesn’t seem like it’s changing i decree and i declare that it will work out for my good my trust is in you lord the god of abraham isaac and jacob i do not lean on my own understanding but i simply lean on you father i acknowledge you to be a loving and faithful god one who will make all of my paths straight you are my hope in the middle of a seemingly hopeless situation you are my deliverer lord at a time that i am so desperate to be saved lord you’re my provider when all else fails around me and so i honor you and i thank you and you i can experience great joy and triumph i can experience victory and blessings in you my lord i believe that the only thing that still remains certain even though i live in an uncertain world
the only thing that remains certain is that jesus christ is the same yesterday today and forever you are an unchanging god you are a faithful god you’re one who loves us and i praise your holy name i thank you for hearing my prayer be glorified in the mighty name of jesus christ amen

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