The Real Reason Jewish People Have Been Duped

Dr. Michael Brown shares the big reasons why Jewish people don’t accept Jesus as their Messiah.

In Are the Rabbis Right? Dr. Michael Brown investigates how the main century group of Jews turned into the two essentially particular religions referred to now as Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity. Dr. Earthy colored gives you a reasonable and incredible viewpoint on their disparities. He surrenders it to you to ask, “Are the rabbis directly about their Talmud? Are the rabbis directly about Jesus?”

At that point Yeshua – Who Is He? spreads out an emergency of confidence approaching for Rabbinic Judaism. Are two Messiahs coming? One to endure and kick the bucket, one to manage and rule? Those two inquiries straightforwardly highlight another inquiry regarding the reparation of your transgression before God. It’s an inquiry on which the rabbis can’t concur!

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