Saturday, August 24

President Trump & the Jezebel Spirit in America

President Trump & the Jezebel Spirit in America

President Trump is being attacked by the Jezebel spirit in America, and you are being attacked by that very same spirit. Dr. Michael Brown shares how we defeat the ancient spirit of Jezebel.
Jezebel was the most wicked woman in the Bible, seductive and determined to snuff out voices calling for repentance. In twenty-first-century America, Jezebel is not a person, but the same demonic force is driving pornography, sexual temptation, militant abortion and radical feminism even as it strives to silence prophetic voices of opposition.
Dr. Michael Brown says the spirit of Jezebel targets the church and your family. His new book, Jezebel’s War with America, helps you recognize how Jezebel operates AND defeat her. His new 3-CD set, Defeating the Spirit of Jezebel, exposes an outright assault on our families and communities without formal opposition! Dr. Brown unmasks goals to:

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